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How to train your dog in 7 or less days

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One of the most practical and easiest commands you can teach your dog is “sit”. A well-behaved dog will always know how to perform this command, which stands as a benchmark of its obedience and control.

On top of everything, teaching your dog to sit will help you whenever you need to calm them or gain their attention in certain challenging situations.

Starting your training with “sit” would be the logical order for the other common commands, as this enhances your dogs focus and they can further on concentrate on your more complicated demands. The best part is that for most dogs knowing how to sit comes natural, even without training; all you have to do is capture the moment.

The method used in this step-by-step training approach is worldwide used for all dogs, regardless of their breed,age or behaviour.All you need is a leash and a bunch of yummy treats.

Side note: if your dog is not a foodie, try using something more out of the ordinary treat, such as: liver,small pieces of well-cooked chicken or even juicy pieces of steak. That will definitively catch their attention


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