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We want to make dogs as happy as they make us. Because dogs and humans are better together.

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Car seat covers

Heavy-Duty car seat covers

Dog Beds

Most comfortable beds for your dogs

Dog Toys

Dog toys provide all-important exercise and activity.

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dog, face, head
Love love love this car travel product . It has changed travel for us forever . We have a very anxious dog who does not travel well . OMG I have NEVER seen my girl so chilled to be in the car , she was so calm , relaxed and happy so much so we where able to drive for 2 hrs solid .
Mila Kunis

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Absolutely great cover! I really didn't expect such a good quality for that price and was a bit sceptic. Extremely easy to fit and optional hammock or just.cover. my husband - who is car mad was very satisfied with level of protection of his leather seats 🙂
Mike Sendler